Reduced Overheads

Routers Ideal for Large Service Providers, which deliver end-to-end scalable solutions.

CISCO Carrier Routing System

  • Offers industry-leading performance, advanced services intelligence, environmentally aware design, and system longevity
  • Uses Cisco IOS XR Software, a unique self-healing, modular, distributed operating system
  • Cisco CRS-3, powered by Cisco QuantumFlow Array, offers from a single-chassis to a multichassis system up to 322 Tbps
  • Cisco CRS-1, built on Cisco Silicon Packet Processor, offers from a single-chassis to a multishelf system up to 92 Tbps

ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

  • Ideal for service providers and enterprises seeking leading performance with compact form factor
  • Allows current and future services to be switched on instantly, at line rate, without compromising network performance or availability, using the Innovative Cisco QuantumFlow processor
  • Delivers secure, high-performance, and integrated software-enabled services (no service blades required), including multi-gigabit encryption, broadband, 20 Gbps firewall, Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR), Flexible Packet Matching and session border control
  • Establishes new price/performance class for edge routers that deliver service integration for personalized residential "any play" and complex business services
  • Provides powerful resiliency with convenient and cost-saving in-service software upgrade (ISSU) capability
  • Offers software redundancy on non-redundant hardware with ASR1002 and ASR1004

XR 12000/12000 Series Routers

7600 Series Routers

  • Ideal for enterprise wide-area or metropolitan-area network aggregation or service-provider environments
  • Business-class security supports services modules including IPSec, firewall, SSL VPN, and IPS
  • Supports up to four slots for redundant supervisors and line cards; 6-, 9-, and 13-slot chassis available
  • Support for up to 12 Shared Port Adapter (SPA) bays and SPA Interface Processors (SIP) for intelligent services